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  Welcome to Integrated Counseling Center (ICCCS), where we provide a wide range of professional mental health services to support your well-being and personal growth. Our team of dedicated therapists is at your service to guide you on your journey toward a fulfilling life.

At ICCCS, we offer a diverse range of services to address your unique needs and concerns. Our individual counseling service provides you with personalized guidance in a safe and compassionate environment. Through psychotherapy or talk therapy, our therapists work with you to set goals and achieve a better quality of life. We also offer specialized therapies such as family or substance abuse therapy, ensuring comprehensive care tailored to your specific situation.

Couples facing challenges in their relationship can benefit from our couples counseling service. Our experienced therapists assess each couple's needs and develop a customized treatment plan. Using proven techniques and exercises, we help couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their partnership. Our goal is to restore harmony and deepen the connection between partners.

Preparing for marriage? Our pre-marital counseling service is designed to help couples build a solid foundation before saying, "I do." Our skilled therapists assist in identifying and addressing potential areas of conflict, setting relationship goals, and improving communication. By working together, we ensure that you embark on your marital journey with a strong and healthy bond.

Our family counseling service offers a nurturing and inclusive approach for families seeking support and guidance. Our therapists work with the entire family or identified support group to address dynamics that hinder growth and connection. Through effective communication strategies and understanding, we foster a healthier family environment where everyone can thrive.

In addition, we offer group therapy and workshops on various topics, such as parenting skills, managing anxiety, grief and loss, and anger management. These sessions provide a supportive and confidential space where individuals can share their experiences and learn from one another. Led by trained facilitators, our group sessions promote personal growth and offer valuable insights.

Entrepreneurs and individuals interested in starting their own private practice can benefit from our business consultation service. Dr. Sylvia Krow, our experienced professional, provides one-on-one guidance and support. Whether you need help identifying business goals or overcoming challenges, Dr. Krow will assist you in achieving success while maintaining your mental well-being.

At ICCCS, we understand the importance of integrating faith-based beliefs and principles into therapy. Our Christian/faith-based counseling service combines traditional talk therapy with methodologies rooted in faith. Our therapists help you resolve inner conflicts and improve psychological well-being by incorporating your faith into the therapeutic process.

For those who prefer the convenience of remote counseling, our tele-mental health counseling service allows you to receive therapy through phone calls or video sessions. This accessible and flexible option ensures that you can prioritize your mental health no matter where you are.

To guide your treatment effectively, we provide comprehensive mental health assessments and substance use assessments. These evaluations help us determine the most appropriate course of treatment based on your unique needs.

At ICCCS, we are committed to providing a warm, friendly, and inviting atmosphere where you feel comfortable and supported. Our team of compassionate therapists is dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and achieve your goals. Take the first step towards a happier, healthier you by contacting us today.



Integrated Counseling Center & Consulting Services LLC
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PH# 828 484 2227 or 828 48-ICCCS
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